IT Management

We make budgets, schedules, purchasing, training, testing and implementation our business. The 4Nines IT team are experienced IT project managers who understand the importance of containing scope, allocating budgets and managing expectations now and in the future. No surprises; ever. IT’s role is to support the business, not make work for it.

Data Security: Keeping connected and protected

Data security is about one thing; uptime. 4Nines It Group knows that viruses and access issues are expensive, that’s why we offer a suite of customized protection services that safeguard and shield your private data from intruders and disasters.

Our analysts explore your current IT defences and identify areas of vulnerability and weakness. Then, we build an impenetrable wall around your data that only permits verified and authenticated users access. Data Management

Data Management is rooted in efficiency; efficiency of storage, organization, access and cost. Don’t pay for storage space you’re not using or don’t need. 4Nines IT Group will work with you to determine an appropriate data storage solution that is cost-effective and reflects your production data and archive needs. Our goal is to ensure your business has scheduled, secure and accessible backups that use your storage space efficiently and economically.

Get organized. Spend less time looking for information and more time using information to generate and sustain business. 4Nines IT Group offers drive structure recommendations and naming convention counsel aimed to make accessing information intuitive, secure and simple so you can use your time billing work instead of trying to find it.

Data Accessibility

Your people need 24 hour access to their information so they can deliver returns on business. At 4Nines IT Group, we customize access solutions to ensure your people can remotely log in, access all drives, use their email and enter your Intranet from their personal work station, on the road, at home or in the field.

User Training

Your system and software are only effective if your people are yielding maximum return from it; you know it and we know it. We also know how to communicate the business impact of your IT solution and train your people to use the solutions quickly and with ease. 4Nines IT Group’s customized learning modules align the technology solutions with specific business applications so your people are actually doing work while learning to harness a more effective IT

Specialty Services

I.T. Management | Network Security | I.P. Network Design | Server Support | Disaster Recovery Planning | Spam/Malware/Virus Defense | User Desk-side Support | Pro-Active Monitoring | Email Support | Virtualization | High Availability/Redundancy | Phone Solutions | Print/Scan Solutions

I.T. Management 

  • Provide risk assessments
  • Govern and deploy I.T. budgets
  • Craft user policies and procedures
    • Code of conduct
    • Email usage policy
    • Data usage policy

Network Security

  • Firewall design and implementation
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
    • Access to multiple firewall vendors: Cisco, Juniper, Sophos, Untangle, PF Sense

I.P. Network Design

  • Switching
  • Routing (multiple locations)
  • Firewalls

Server Support: Microsoft and Linus Servers

  • Customized server design
  • Agile and nimble implementation
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance

Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Align business risk with an acceptable solution
  • Adapt disaster response to business needs
  • Deploy on-site and alternative off-site preferences and options
    • instant, real-time replication of off-site environment (E.g. flooding)

Spam/Malware/Virus Defense

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Removal

User Desk-Side Support

  • Software and hardware issues management and solutions
  • Day-to-day user support
  • White glove support; customized and quick solutions for C-suite executives

Pro-Active Monitoring 

  • Network and server surveillance
  • Anticipation of issues and requirements
  • Instant deployment of solutions

Email Support

  • Local and cloud-based email assistance
  • Set-up and migration of accounts and information
  • Security: email backups, spam control, virus protections and 24/7 monitoring


  • Consolidation of multiple server environments into common hardware environment
  • VM Ware
  • Hyper-V


  • Implementation
    • Servers
    • Network Switches
    • Firewalls
  • Solutions based on business continuity and risk. Time vs. cost
  • Customized solutions reflecting business requirements

Phone Solutions

  • Customized VOIP Phone Systems
    • Asterisk
    • Cisco
    • FreePBX

Print/Scan Solutions

  • Print design, implementation and support
  • Network scanning
  • Expertise:
    • Brother
    • HP
    • Kyocera
    • Sharp
    • Xerox